Setup environment

Create environment

python3 -m venv env

Activate environment

For Mac & Linux

source env/bin/activate

For Windows(Powershell)


Note: For more information about the Python environment please visit the docs here.


  • Installation from pypi

    Install latest version

    pip install genai_stack

    Install a particular version

    pip install genai_stack==0.2.5
  • Install from github

    pip install git+https://github.com/aiplanethub/genai-stack.git

That's it your local setup is ready. Let's go ahead & test it.

How to run LLM?

Once the installation is complete you're good to go.

Note: Here we will be running just an LLM model without any vector stores. We will cover vector stores in the vector store section.

Run in a local environment

Currently, we support the following models:

Import the required model(Here we will use the gpt4all model) and initialize it and predict it.

from genai_stack.model import Gpt4AllModel

llm = Gpt4AllModel.from_kwargs()
model_response = llm.predict("How many countries are there in the world?")

If you directly used Python shell you will get the output if you're using a file to execute the file.

python3 <file_name.py>
# Response from the above command
There are currently 195 recognized independent states in the world.

Now you know how to use the GenAI Stack locally.

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