Hugging Face

How to configure & use it?

Supported parameters

  • model (Optional[str]): The name or identifier of the Hugging Face model to use. This parameter is optional, and its default value is "nomic-ai/gpt4all-j".

  • model_kwargs (Optional[Dict]): Keyword arguments passed to the Hugging Face model (optional).

  • pipeline_kwargs (Optional[dict]): Keyword arguments passed to the Hugging Face pipeline (optional).

  • task (str): The task associated with the model. Valid options include 'text2text-generation', 'text-generation', and 'summarization'.

  • pipeline (pipeline): Pass pipeline directly to the component. If pipeline is passed, all other configs are ignored. Running in a Colab/Kaggle/Python scripts(s)```python

from genai_stack.model import HuggingFaceModel
from genai_stack.stack.stack import Stack

llm = HuggingFaceModel.from_kwargs()
Stack(model=llm)  # Initialize stack
model_response = llm.predict("How many countries are there in the world?")
  • Import the model from genai_stack.model

  • Instantiate the class with parameters you want to customize

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