How to configure and use it?

Supported Parameters

  • model (str) - Set which model you want to use. Defaults to orca-mini-3b.ggmlv3.q4_0

  • model_path (str) - Give a path where you want to load the model. Default to the current directory.

  • parameters (Optional[Gpt4AllParameters]) - An optional instance of the Gpt4AllParameters class that contains various configuration parameters for fine-tuning the behavior of the GPT-4All model. Below is the list of all the attributes of parameters

    • backend (Optional[str]): The backend to use (optional).

    • max_tokens (int): The token context window.

    • n_parts (int): The number of parts to split the model into.

    • seed (int): The random seed to use.

    • f16_kv (bool): Whether to use half-precision for key/value cache.

    • logits_all (bool): Whether to return logits for all tokens.

    • vocab_only (bool): Whether to load only the vocabulary without weights.

    • use_mlock (bool): Force the system to keep the model in RAM.

    • embedding (bool): Use embedding mode only.

    • n_threads (Optional[int]): Number of threads to use.

    • n_predict (Optional[int]): The maximum number of tokens to generate.

    • temp (Optional[float]): The temperature for sampling.

    • top_p (Optional[float]): The top-p value for sampling.

    • top_k (Optional[int]): The top-k value for sampling.

    • echo (Optional[bool]): Whether to echo the prompt.

    • stop (Optional[List[str]]): A list of strings to stop generation when encountered.

    • repeat_last_n (Optional[int]): Last n tokens to penalize.

    • repeat_penalty (Optional[float]): The penalty to apply to repeated tokens.

    • n_batch (int): Batch size for prompt processing.

    • streaming (bool): Whether to stream the results or not.

    • allow_download (bool): Whether to download the model if it does not exist locally.

    • client (Any): A client object (optional).

Running in a Colab/Kaggle/Python scripts(s)

from genai_stack.model import Gpt4AllModel
from genai_stack.stack.stack import Stack

llm = Gpt4AllModel.from_kwargs()
Stack(model=llm)  # Initialize stack
model_response = llm.predict("How many countries are there in the world?")
  • Import the model from genai_stack.model

  • Instantiate the class with parameters you want to customize

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